Hi there!

I'm April. I'm just your average slightly-socially-awkward introverted creative. That tall goofy guy is my husband, Preston. We have a son that is as cute as can be. Right now, my life largely revolves around my family, my day job, and this business; I stay pretty busy. When I do have free time, I love to go hiking or to the park, or if the weather is bad, I'll binge on some Netflix. I've always loved and appreciated the arts; I grew up drawing and painting pretty much all of the time, so I also tend to be found scrolling through various online galleries. I am a Christian, and my faith and belief systems are very important to me. I try to implement Christ's love in all that I do.  

How Smith's Sweets came to be:

I come from a family of crazy brilliant people such as engineers, college professors, and government employees, but I'm that person that bounced around in fields trying to figure out I wanted to do (I think I tried 4 majors before dropping out of Virginia Tech?). Anyway, initially, I went into the Navy, then into the data field afterwards, which was all good and well, but I had always been an artist and was missing having a creative outlet. I started making cakes on the side for friends and family, as I had seen my mother do while growing up. (My mother use to teach Wilton Cake Decorating classes, so I already knew which tools I needed and how to do the basics.) After a while, I decided to go back to school for a business degree, and to put the business skills I was learning to practice by making Smith's Sweets a legitimate business, not just a hobby. That was that! I didn't count on the response I had from my clients and from other vendors about my cakes, nor did I expect my love for it to grow as much as it did. So, like that, my hobby turned into a full blown side hustle, & I LOVE IT. I hope you do too!

What makes Smith's Sweets different:

If you're still reading, I want to say thank you. I appreciate your interest and care. I've mentioned a few things already that I hope makes Smith's Sweets unique. First, I'm a Christian, which I know just saying that doesn't make you a good person, but I try my best to be. I strive for high quality products and honest dealings. & whether it's by sending a supportive cookie, or making you a celebratory cake, it brings me joy to partake in spreading love through baking. Second, I bake from scratch. I think the extra time it takes makes a lasting impact regarding flavor and quality. My Memaw instilled that in me. She taught home economics, was an avid baker, and was the greatest host I knew. She demonstrated that a little extra time and attention goes a long way. Third, I try to keep up with modern techniques, flavors, designs, etc. I love art, and I love how it changes. Food is no different. & finally, with special events, I want to be able to cater to and accommodate my customers. I've developed new flavors, tried new designs, and branched into new types of baked goods for customers. I want to make your day special and I want you to let me know how I can do that if what I currently offer isn't exactly what you're looking for.


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